Spangles Breakfast Hours: Updated 2024

There is a reason why it has been said: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It will help you jump-start your metabolism and prime your body for a new day.

Spangles is a super famous fast-food restaurant that demonstrates that very well.

As Spangles serves up big, tasty breakfasts that fill you for the day ahead, it has become a firm favorite in many people’s morning routines.

However, when can you actually eat one of their glorious breakfasts? 

Let’s dive into the Spangles breakfast hours and what makes their morning menu worth waking up for.

Spangles Breakfast Hours

Understanding the breakfast hours at Spangles is key to planning your morning meal. 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Weekday Schedule: Rise and shine with Spangles as they open their doors for breakfast at 6:30 AM, serving until 10:00 PM. This extended window ensures that even the late risers can enjoy a breakfast meal at their convenience.
  • Weekend Schedule: Weekends are for relaxation, and Spangles caters to your laid-back mornings by starting breakfast service at 7:00 AM, continuing the tradition of all-day availability until 10:00 PM.
  • All-Day Breakfast Option: Spangles offers an all-day breakfast menu. Whether it’s pancakes for dinner or an omelet for a late lunch, Spangles has you covered.

Spangles Breakfast Hours

Menu Highlights

Spangles takes pride in its diverse breakfast menu, designed to cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. Here are some highlights:

  • Signature Dishes: The menu boasts classic favorites like fluffy pancakes, savory omelets, and Belgian waffles, each made to order with the freshest ingredients.
  • Healthy Choices: For the health-conscious, Spangles offers nutritional options that don’t compromise on flavor. Enjoy a range of wholesome choices to start your day right.
  • Beverages: Complement your meal with a selection from their extensive beverage menu, including freshly brewed coffee, and fruit juices.

Why Choose Spangles for Breakfast

Choosing Spangles for your first meal comes with several benefits:

  1. Quality Ingredients: Spangles is committed to quality, using fresh ingredients to create mouthwatering breakfast items like homemade sausages and burgers.
  1. Variety: The wide range of breakfast items ensures that there’s something for everyone, from sweet treats to savory classics.
  1. Spangles Monday Deals: Mondays can be tough, but Spangles makes them a little easier with special breakfast deals. Start your week with exciting offers that will make your Monday mornings something to look forward to.

Spangles Breakfast Beyond the Menu

Spangles breakfast goes beyond just the food. Here are some ways to elevate your Spangles breakfast experience:

  • Spangles Breakfast Value Paks: Spangles offers breakfast value paks that combine your favorite breakfast item with hash browns and a small drink.
  • Spangles Drinks: Complement your breakfast with a refreshing drink from Spangles. They offer a variety of options, including orange juice, iced coffee, and hot chocolate.
  • Seasonal Offerings: Spangles occasionally introduces limited-time breakfast offerings. Keep an eye on their website or social media for exciting new menu additions.
  • Catering: Spangles breakfast catering is a fantastic option for corporate meetings, family gatherings, or other events. This allows you to share the deliciousness of Spangles breakfast with a larger group.

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Spangles Breakfast Hours

Finding Your Nearest Spangles

Locating a Spangles restaurant is easy. Use their online location finder to discover the nearest Spangles and enjoy a delicious breakfast no matter where you are.

Spangles Important Links
Official Website
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What time does Spangles start serving breakfast?

Spangles starts serving breakfast at 6:30 AM on weekdays and 7:00 AM on weekends.

What time does Spangles stop serving breakfast?

Spangles serves breakfast items all day until 10:00 PM, allowing you to enjoy breakfast foods at your convenience.

Does Spangles serve breakfast all day?

Yes, Spangles offers an all-day breakfast menu, so you can satisfy your breakfast cravings anytime until their closing at night.

What are some of the signature breakfast items at Spangles?

Some of the must-try signature items include fluffy buttermilk pancakes, savory omelets, Belgian waffles, sausages, muffins, sandwiches, crispy bacon, hearty ham, and their signature eggs topped with cheese, gravy, and a drizzle of honey.

Are there any special deals for breakfast at Spangles on Mondays?

Spangles often have special offers to start the week, such as Monday deals. However, the specifics of these deals can vary, so it’s best to check with your local Spangles for the latest promotions.

Enjoying Spangles Breakfast on the Go

Spangles understands that mornings can be hectic. That’s why they offer convenient options to enjoy their delicious breakfast even when you’re short on time.

Here are some ways to grab your Spangles breakfast on the go:

Online Ordering and Delivery: Many Spangles locations allow you to order your breakfast online through their website or popular delivery apps.

This way, you can skip the wait and have your breakfast delivered straight to your office or home.

Drive-Thru Convenience: Most Spangles locations have a drive-thru lane, allowing you to order and pick up your breakfast without even leaving your car.

This is a perfect option for those who need a quick and efficient way to start their day.

    Although this blog focuses on Spangles’ breakfast hours, it’s important to remember that Spangles offers a full menu throughout the day. So, if you miss the breakfast window, you can still enjoy their signature burgers, fries, sandwiches, and salads.

    Final Thoughts 

     As we wrap up our exploration of Spangles’ breakfast offerings, it’s clear that their commitment to serving a satisfying morning meal aligns perfectly with their convenient breakfast hours.  

    With breakfast hours starting at 6:30 AM on weekdays and 7:00 AM on weekends, and serving until 10:00 PM, you have the flexibility to enjoy breakfast foods at any time of the day. 

    This dedication to accessibility and variety is what sets Spangles apart as a breakfast destination.

    With a menu that’s as diverse as it is delicious, it’s clear why Spangles is a top choice for breakfast. 

    We encourage you to visit your local Spangles and experience their breakfast offerings firsthand.

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